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Neuralink: Elon Musk Another Venture

Hello everyone, this is the second post of 2020. Also, the first one in Feb (wrote in Feb but published in March). So, I officially lagging behind my 2020 target. But, I have some reasonable excuses and other projects in the pipeline to blame. However, today we will be talking about a very interesting company called 'Neuralink'. It's currently working on the brain-machine interface. I know it's a topic that can make you overwhelmed pretty quickly. But, bare with me and we will together try to grasp those concepts. What is Neuralink? So, what the heck is Neuralink? It's a company founded by Elon Musk and is currently working on brain-machine interface research. The long term intention for Nueralink is to help us achieve symbiosis with AI. And, to provide us with a way to get along in this super fast-changing world. More on that later. Before you raise your eyebrows and start imagining a dystopian future, some real-world scenarios can be achieved shortly. In simple t

Iphone 7 plus review & benchmarks


1. dual rear camera delivers true 2x optical zoo with a cool bokeh potrait mode.
2. battery lasts longer than the earlier generation of iphone and even   Iphone7
3. water resistant
4. bigger,faster,bigger storage option of 256 gb.


1. no standard headphone jack ,you have to use lightning earpods (available in box)/use adaptors or go  wireless
2. really expensive,not everyone can buy it (right after launch)

GEEKBENCH:- 3462 (single-core)
                            5751 ( multi-core)

Apple's A10 processor hits the benchmarks and proved it's a real beast .I really don't need to say anything about it you can see scores .And for detailed  Geekbench result click here.


One of the major additions to the flagship is it's camera,it can be a great device for the serious photographers,or anyone who uses camera very often.I really don't have words to describe.This is just amazing.


 It comes with 3 gigabytes of ram (which is huge) and in the storage variants of 32/128/256 bg.Everyone knows that you can't add a micro sd card on your iphone , so here are options for you.I think more people will grab the 32 gb, as it's enough for most people and it's price will be less than other two variants.If you really do a lot of stuff in your phone,even if you use for video editing on the go (travelling) definately go for the 128 gb.Right now i really don't know why someone will need 256 gb but i am sure that there are some people will buy it as they need it. But yeah it's great to give 256 gb variant as apple product work efficiently after couple of years.


It's packed with a Non-removable Li-Ion 2900 mAh battery (11.1 Wh).Which gives you the stand by time Up to 384 hrs (3G) ,Up to 21 hrs (3G) of talk time and a music playback upto 60 hrs.The flagship still don't use "dash charging" but It has the longest battery life any iphone ever had/had.So i don't think that the lack of "dash charging" will bother most of the people.


A beautiful and large display of 5.5 inch (~67.7% screen-to-body ratio) with LED-backlit IPS LCD, capacitive touchscreen and 16M colors with resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels (~401 ppi pixel density).
And is protected by Ion-strengthened glass & oleophobic coating.In short a great display.In short a great screen.


I really can't  write anything  more here.Like every other Iphone It's durable ,looks and feel premium(and definately is) and have a sleek design(surely it's better and upgraded)

DIMENSION:- 158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3 mm (6.23 x 3.07 x 0.29 in)
WEIGHT:-188 g (6.63 oz)

So, that is it guys Iphone 7plus is a amazing flagship.It's really what you call a "Iphone 7 plus"(a better iphone 7). Honestly i can't write more about a ios device as i think i will  be biased towards it ,coz  i love apple devices.It's always designed on high-end so it's always a good choice to buy it even after some years of lauch.For example :- Iphone 5s (launced in 2014) is still a worthy buy , I will surely do a blog for it and link it here.Maybe paper specs look weak and price is high than other flagships but "If it's not a Iphone, it's not an Iphone". Anyways I will do another blog for apple & ios.About this flagship, I think it can even turn a android fanboy to a apple fanboy.If you are in market to buy a new flagship and afford Iphone 7 plus definately go for it.

Ok guys, I will see you soon.If you like reading my article make sure to hit the like button below and comment to let me know what to fell about my blog and also if there is any game/piece of tech that you want me to do a review on.You can follow me for more tech and gaming updates on :-
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