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Neuralink: Elon Musk Another Venture

Hello everyone, this is the second post of 2020. Also, the first one in Feb (wrote in Feb but published in March). So, I officially lagging behind my 2020 target. But, I have some reasonable excuses and other projects in the pipeline to blame. However, today we will be talking about a very interesting company called 'Neuralink'. It's currently working on the brain-machine interface. I know it's a topic that can make you overwhelmed pretty quickly. But, bare with me and we will together try to grasp those concepts. What is Neuralink? So, what the heck is Neuralink? It's a company founded by Elon Musk and is currently working on brain-machine interface research. The long term intention for Nueralink is to help us achieve symbiosis with AI. And, to provide us with a way to get along in this super fast-changing world. More on that later. Before you raise your eyebrows and start imagining a dystopian future, some real-world scenarios can be achieved shortly. In simple t

Paragon (beta) review :-

Hi guys, today i am going to talk (actually write) about Epic games' Paragon (beta). So, let's begin.

Check out this videos:-

Paragon gameplay/walkthrough (don't forget to subscribe)

System Requirement:-


Intel Core i5-2400S (2.5 GHz) or
AMD FX-6300

4 GB

Windows 7/8.1/10

GeForce GTX 460 v2 or
Radeon HD  6870

15 GB


Intel Core i7-3340S (2.8 GHz) or
AMD FX 8320 or higher

8 GB

Windows 7/8.1/10

GeForce GTX 660
Radeon HD 7870 (8 GB) or higher

15 GB


Paragon is a third-person multiplayer online battle arena video game. The map is symmetrical. And the base for two different teams are on opposite sides. In order to win, you have to destroy the enemy team's core, killing them with the help of "minions". There are total three lanes, protected by the defensive towers. Defensive tower protect the core by attacking any incoming opponent within it's range (first one gets attacked first). So, you need those "minions" in order to save your ass and win. 

(game is still under development, post will be updated accordingly to it.)


A very nice and thrilling games with some great shots.You will enjoy it as hell. I also liked the way all the character's  look.My personal favorites are Cyborg, Superman ad Joker.As i said earlier, this is what we can say a true sequel to Injustice: God Among Us.They went in the right direction with it.

You can say that it's a 3D version of Dota 2. There are differences but still you can see the similarity. The game is still under development .So, nothing much in this section but the game has 

1. Amazing visuals
2. Good looking graphics
3. Enjoyable experience.

Ok guys, I will see you soon.If you like reading my article make sure to hit the like button below and comment to let me know what to fell about my blog and also if there is any game/piece of tech that you want me to do a review on.You can follow me for more tech and gaming updates on :-

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