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Neuralink: Elon Musk Another Venture

Hello everyone, this is the second post of 2020. Also, the first one in Feb (wrote in Feb but published in March). So, I officially lagging behind my 2020 target. But, I have some reasonable excuses and other projects in the pipeline to blame. However, today we will be talking about a very interesting company called 'Neuralink'. It's currently working on the brain-machine interface. I know it's a topic that can make you overwhelmed pretty quickly. But, bare with me and we will together try to grasp those concepts. What is Neuralink? So, what the heck is Neuralink? It's a company founded by Elon Musk and is currently working on brain-machine interface research. The long term intention for Nueralink is to help us achieve symbiosis with AI. And, to provide us with a way to get along in this super fast-changing world. More on that later. Before you raise your eyebrows and start imagining a dystopian future, some real-world scenarios can be achieved shortly. In simple t

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege: Everything We Know About Operation Grim Sky

Hi everyone, a few days ago Ubisoft dropped out the teaser for its new season called Operation Grim Sky. For those who have not played Rainbow Six Siege, it's a tactical first-person shooter developed by Ubisoft Montreal. I was launched in 2015 for PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows and Xbox One and believe me people are still going crazy over it. I have seen some people who prefer it over PUBG and Fortnite, the games everyone is playing right now on their computers and smartphones.

However, a lot of people are crazy for Rainbow Six Siege. I also play it a lot of times even after 3 years of release. It's an addictive game and updates like this gives reason to players to keep playing as well as attracting new gamers. So, here are a few things we know about the upcoming season.

Operation Grim Sky: New Operators

This season introduces two new operators. One of them is a British Defender called Clash. We don't know a lot about this character, but we know that she is equipped with a bulletproof shield that holds a taser. She is the first defender among others who possess such a gadget.

The name of the second operator is not out yet. But we know that its an American attacker, who fall in love with Kabul while he was assigned in Afghanistan.

Redefined Maps

The Hereford Base, on which a lot of players like you and me have spent hundreds of hours is going to be redefined/ updated. This ma is going to get a new and better (hopefully) layout, which everyone can enjoy. Other than that there are few minor gameplay improvements that you will see in this season.

The release date is yet not confirmed but it's highly possible that it should be released on September 4, 2018. I will make sure to inform you with confirmed release date through social media. 

So, Are you excited?  Hope you like it. Make sure to hit like if you do. And don't forget to comment your thoughts in the comment section below.

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