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Neuralink: Elon Musk Another Venture

Hello everyone, this is the second post of 2020. Also, the first one in Feb (wrote in Feb but published in March). So, I officially lagging behind my 2020 target. But, I have some reasonable excuses and other projects in the pipeline to blame. However, today we will be talking about a very interesting company called 'Neuralink'. It's currently working on the brain-machine interface. I know it's a topic that can make you overwhelmed pretty quickly. But, bare with me and we will together try to grasp those concepts. What is Neuralink? So, what the heck is Neuralink? It's a company founded by Elon Musk and is currently working on brain-machine interface research. The long term intention for Nueralink is to help us achieve symbiosis with AI. And, to provide us with a way to get along in this super fast-changing world. More on that later. Before you raise your eyebrows and start imagining a dystopian future, some real-world scenarios can be achieved shortly. In simple t

Apple Arcade: What no one is talking about ?

Hello everyone, I am back again with another post. And this is a product for which I am most excited. Yes, I know that everyone is talking the Apple iPhone 11 but I am most excited for iOS 13 and Apple's gaming subscription called Apple Arcade. I have been meaning to write about Apple Arcade from the time it was announced at WWDC2019. Actually, I was going to publish this article last week but I am glad that I didn't. As it is now officially available, I have a lot to share with you guys. so, let's jump right into it. And stay tuned for iOS 13 review as it will be coming after 2-3 days of this article being published.

What is Apple Arcade?

So, Apple is finally started to listen to gamers. And this seems to be an indicator that Apple is making some attempts to make its ecosystem an option. I mean we all know where mac's stand when it comes to gaming. There are literally millions of memes about gaming on mac. At WWDC 2019, Apple made an announcement for their gaming subscription service called Apple Arcade. It is a subscription to a game library which consists of around 100+ games as of now. And more additions are expected as time goes. It's available free for the first month and later costs you $5/month. Mind you that Apple is actually involved with popular/reputed developers to make sure that you receive great games on the platform. And no, it's not a cloud gaming service like Google Stadia or Nvidia's GeForce Now. Because you need to download the game and you are not streaming it off a server. And secondly, the subscription lets you play any game available for Arcade, ad-free and with no in-app purchases.

The Good Parts

There are some really solid reasons for me being so excited about this service. Firstly, I am sure you have seen some randoms ads going on top or bottom while playing a game. On top of that, they make you see a 10-30 seconds ad in between of a game. You don't have to tolerate this if you have an Arcade subscription. It's completely ad-free. Secondly, there are no in-app purchases. So, you don't have to spend a single cent on top of your subscription fee.

I believe that this is Apple's first step towards gaming, and it can lead to potential steps to making Apple a viable option for PC gaming (of course, in a couple of years). The reason I think that Apple is finally thinking about gamers are the following:-

1. It's made for whole eco-system rather than just your iPhone/iPad. With just one subscription, you can play any game on your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and Apple TV. And if that's not enough, it allows family sharing for up to 5 people. I think Apple is targetting for the casual family gaming experience with it this.

2. All these games are optimized for the eco-system to provide us with butter-smooth gaming experience.

3. All the games in the Arcade menu come from a recognized developer. So, you don't get all crappy and buggy games.

4. There is no announcement from apple yet but during my research, I found out that Apple is involved with all these studios at some level. This tells us that Apple is planning to go a long way with this.

5. A good addition to your entertainment unit. With family-sharing and availability on the whole eco-system, it can be a potential addition to your entertainment unit. You know, playing casual gaming with your friends and family in your living room.

Apart from a gamer/consumer point of view, I am also interested in Arcade's future as a developer. Some of you might know this that I am a software developer and on a self-taught journey to become an iOS developer. Someday, down the road, I am planning to launch a game to App Store which you all might like.

Who is it for?

So, does this mean that hardcore gamer or even hobbyists can use their Apple devices to play games at a reasonable performance? Not exactly, at its current state, Apple Arcade is for casual gaming. Again, as I said earlier, it more of a subscription if you want to play casual games with your friends and family on weekends or holidays.

It doesn't mean that you can competitive games like Call Of Duty, PUBG, or Fortnite on your Macbook Air. Having said that, there are a lot of interesting titles available that you can enjoy. The ones which I enjoyed a lot in these past couple of days were Super Impossible Road, Beyond A Steel Sky, Oceanhorn 2, Pathless, and Sayonara.


So, to wrap it up, I would say it's a great indicator that Apple has finally started to focus on gaming. They already had great performance on iPhone and iPad, and we can take that to different screens/devices. Hopefully, we will soon start seeing more efforts on competitive gaming on Macs mainly by just optimizing more games for the Operating System. And I am very interested in this because I do have a windows machine which also runs Linux. But I am heavily into Apple's ecosystem with my iPhone and Macbook Pro (my daily drivers). And when you put my developer's point of view on it, you can probably see why I am interested in this so much. you can try this for yourself as it comes with a free trial.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below. And, for all the updates, you can follow me on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.

Thank You & Stay Tuned


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