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Upcoming Plans & Goals for 2020.

Hello everyone, as you can pretty much guess what this blog is all about from the title. I know am running late and this article will be live on 1 Jan 2020. But, bare with me for a while. This is not a regular article. This is more about the future of this website/blog. And you guys are the most important part of it. Let's jump right into it.
So, when I started this blog in 2017, it was mainly a hobby. I was just finished up with high school and needed something to do. During these two and a half years, a lot of things happened. I finished college, improved a lot personally as well as my professional/primary skillsets (i.e coding). And among all these things, there were always assignments, tests, some personal issues, sickness, exploring. And, the blog always suffered due to that. Honestly, I don't have major regrets for that because I learned a lot of languages, designing, a little bit of marketing, SEO. I also got to learn a ton about me and things that matter to me. And, I…

About Me

"Sometimes You Need To Run Before You Can Walk"

Hi everyone, I am Pradhumna Pancholi. A techie, gamer and blogger.I am currently pursuing Computer Programming.I am a tech lover and suddenly I thought that I should share my experience with you.So, I chose to become a blogger.This is a short intro of mine for you to know because
 of-course it " About  ME" Page.And I just want to thank you all out there.

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